Depot Conference & Banquet Facilities Available for Use

The Depot has proven itself to be an excellent location for family, business and organizational gatherings.

The main floor exhibit room is designed so display cases can be easily moved and replaced by tables and chairs for dinners and meetings

The Depot can accommodate up to 60 people for a dinner or meeting. Up to 10 six-foot tables, each comfortably seating six people, are available. The counter surrounding The Depot’s office provides an excellent and roomy location for setting up a buffet table.

The Depot’s kitchen, adjacent to the exhibit area, is large and has counter space designed to provide ample room for caterers to set up and prepare meals. A range, microwave, refrigerator and coffee pots are available.

The Depot is fully accessible, with a ramp from the parking lot to the front platform, an elevator providing easy access to the basement and a ramp extending from the basement around the building to the parking lot.

The Depot has been used for club meetings, wedding and bridal showers, family reunions, graduation parties, business meetings and seminars, organizational Christmas parties and other gatherings.

Call 812-883-1884 for more information.

For larger groups, the Stevens Memorial Museum at the John Hay Center offers an assembly hall. Call 812-883-6495 for information.

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